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& be able to access our site from your smartphone home screen

Step One

Scan QR Code with Camera (or visit our website & skip to step 3)

Open your camera on your smartphone and face the camera towards the QR code. In doing so, your camera should display a popup notication.

Step Two

Click on notification link to go to our website

When thep popup notification displays with your camera open, click on the popup/link to be taken directly to our website.


Step Three

Click the Share icon at the bottom of your browser

Once on our website, you can began the process of adding our site to your home screen. Click the share icon at the bottom of the screen/browser.


Step Four

Click the Share icon at the bottom of your browser

Scroll down to the options below the quick share buttons, and choose “Add to Home Screen”.


Step Five

Click "Add"

Click Add at the very. top of the window to finalize adding our website/app to your home screen.


Step Six: Complete!

You now have instant access to our website from your home screen

You will now see the Lapeer DDA app on the homescreen of your smartphone. Simply clicking it will take you right to our site to check out our directory, upcoming events, great places to eat, places to shop, and much more!


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