About the DDA

About the DDA

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The Lapeer City Commission created the Lapeer Downtown Development Authority by Ordinance 36 which became effective on November 24th, 1982.  The Downtown Development District was established in the traditional downtown of Lapeer.

Since its inception in 1982, the Lapeer DDA has completed an impressive list of projects and activities including:

  • A $2.5 million streetscape and Gateway Entrance project in 2003 – 2004;
  • The upgrading of over 30 facades downtown through a low interest loan program;
  • Purchase and renovation of the Pix Theatre as well as establishing the Center for the Arts of Greater Lapeer;
  • Construction of a Farmers Market Pavilion and several public parking lots;
  • Purchase and resale of the Old Post Office which is now a premier office building, as well as the purchase and reuse of the Lapeer Abstract & Title building as Gallery 194.
  • Implementation of the Hometown Heroes Banner project which recognized 85 men and women from Lapeer County who have served our country on street banners throughout the downtown.
  • Successfully raised over $160,000 through partnerships, community investment, and grants to build the “Ed LaClair Lapeer Rotary Pocket Park.”
  • Partnered with the City of Lapeer to remove outdated overhead cobra lights and upgrade existing classic street lights with energy effecient LEDs creating a yearly savings of almost $27,000 a year for the City of Lapeer and improving the ambiance and historic charm of the downtown.

The Lapeer DDA partners successfully on projects with the Center for the Arts of Greater Lapeer, the City of Lapeer, The Lapeer Area Chamber of Commerce, the Lapeer Farmers Market and the Lapeer County Historical Society.

The District boundaries of the Lapeer DDA were expanded in 2014 to include more of the commercial areas to the east and west along Nepessing Street.  See the DDA District Map.

In 2014 the DDA together with Imlay City DDA hosted 14 Detroit Institute of Arts masterpiece reproductions around both downtowns as part of the DIA Inside Out Art program for the enjoyment of the public.

In 2017 Lapeer DDA was successful in attaining Michigan Economic Development Corporation Michigan Main Street status as a Select Level community; a five year partnership with the State designed to boost small towns, focused on historic preservation and community development through grass roots, community driven programs that enhance economic vitality. 

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Mission Statement

​“Lapeer Main Street supports the establishment, vitality and stability of Main Street businesses in order to create and sustain a unique downtown district that celebrates the history of Lapeer while providing a vibrant, family-friendly destination for residents and visitors alike.”

Vision Statement

To provide a Main Street experience that includes diverse options for shopping, dining, arts & entertainment, and residential living that appeals to all ages, positively impacts the economy, and celebrates the rich history of Lapeer.

Board of Directors

Catherine Bostick-Tullius

Law Office of Catherine Bostick, PLLC

Bailey RaCosta

Vala Marketing

Tim Roodvoets

VICE Chair
The Lapeer Agency

Michael O'Brian

Circle K RVs

Ashley Fansion


Dan Sharkey

Sharkey Construction

Jeff Hogan

Lapeer County Press

Jason Rogers

Rogers Pharmacy

Tony Stroh

Stones Throw Theater Commission Representative

Buddy Beyer

Beyer's Furniture

Tom LaMagna

LaMagna Properties LLC

Debbie Marquardt


Lapeer DDA Staff

James Alt

​Executive Director

Jill Bristow


Annual Synopsis

Annual Synopsis 2020/2021

The Lapeer Main Street DDA works with public and private partners to ensure the growth, health, and prosperity of our vibrant downtown. We are creating an inviting community filled with friendly faces, historic places, delectable foods, delicious drinks, and a variety of unique shopping options that attract businesses and visitors alike with our family friendly charm.

In the 2020/2021 Fiscal Year the Lapeer DDA district consisted of 14 blocks, 46 acres, 76 parcels, 1220 public parking spaces, 84 first-floor storefronts, 95 residential unities, 15 restaurants, 16 retail stores, a had a 8% storefront vacancy rate.

The Lapeer DDA is an accredited member of Main Street America, a Michigan Main Street Community, and an active member of the Michigan Downtown Association. The City of Lapeer is a certified Redevelopment Ready Community through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

Overarching Goals:

  • Create and capitalize on a physical environment that is engaging and inviting to families.

  • Improve the downtown business environment and available resources to support investment.

  • Build a family-friendly brand that is Historic Lapeer


  • The Lapeer Main Street DDA partnered with Lapeer Community Schools and local organizations to recognize the class of 2020 by creating almost 400 yard signs that where placed along Nepessing Street in Historic Lapeer. One sign for each graduating senior.

  • The Lapeer Main Street DDA partnered with the City of Lapeer to remove out-of-place overhead light and upgrade the existing street lights to create an energy savings of almost $27,000 per year. The upgraded class lights also create a more inviting ambiance for the downtown.

  • Through their partnership with the MEDC and Michigan Main Street the Lapeer Main Street DDA was able to award $41,000 in Match on Main COVID-Response grants to 8 downtown businesses and a $25,000 Match on Main improvement grant to 1 downtown business. The DDA also successfully applied for 2 additional Match on Main Grants totaling $50,000 that were successful in the 2020/2021 fiscal year but will be awarded in the 2021/2022 fiscal year.

  • Since 2018 The Lapeer Main Street DDA has been able to upgrade all 77 classic street lamps throughout the district with banner brackets and install 112 Hometown Hero banners that honor the men and women from Lapeer County that have served our Country.

  • During an event year reduced by the COVID-19 Pandemic, Lapeer DDA events still generated over 4000 attendees to the downtown district.

Projects and Investments:

  • Clay St/Parking Lot # 8 Reconstruction – The Lapeer Main Street DDA made its final payment on the parking lot reconstruction project for parking lot #8, the lot to the South of Clay Street. This was a joint project with the City of Lapeer and Lapeer County.

  • Illuminate Lapeer – Downtown Lighting Improvements. – The Lapeer Main Street DDA spearheaded the campaign to remove the out of place cobra lights along Nepessing Street and upgrade the existing classic style street lamps with more energy efficient LED bulbs. The results are an approx. $27,000 a year savings in energy and a more visually appealing ambiance throughout the downtown.

  • Center for the Arts of Greater Lapeer – The DDA lists as its assets the properties located at 194 and 172 West Nepessing St. Also known as the Centre for the Arts of Greater Lapeer. The DDA maintains this property and has a managerial agreement with the Center for the Arts of Greater Lapeer’s board of directors that allows for them to manage and program the properties. The DDA provided contributions to the Center for the Arts in the amount of $81,500 for programming and promotional services.

  • The DDA provided $10,000 of building improvements to the Center for the Arts

  • The DDA provided a contribution to the City of Lapeer Parking Fund in the amount of $7,500

  • The DDA provided funding for Downtown Maintenance in the amount of $7,445

  • The Downtown Development Authority’s investment in capital assets for its governmental activities as of June 30, 2020 amounts to $638,911 (net of accumulated depreciation). This is a decrease of $24,071 from the prior year amount of $662,982. This investment in capital assets is for land, buildings, and equipment.

    Events and Promotional Campaigns:

  • During the 2020/2021 Calendar year the Lapeer Main Street DDA held the following events.

    • Monday Night Car Cruise

    • Sidewalk Sales

    • LadiesNightOut

    • Summer Concert Series

  • The DDA utilized the following promotional campaigns to help drive traffic to Historic Lapeer, increase brand recognition and generate sales for downtown businesses:

    • Community Newsletter

    • M-24 Electronic Message Board

    • Shop Small on Main Street – a partnership with Michigan Main Street

    • Business Owners Newsletter

    • Meet our Business Monday

    • Social Media


  • Total revenue from all sources totaled $295,343 of which 35.8% or $105,671 is from property taxes. Other revenues consisted of a grant for downtown of $55,000, unrestricted investment earnings of $191, special events and promotions of $17,520, contribution from the City of Lapeer of $99,894, donations of $7,780 and other revenue of $9,287. The Downtown Development Authority captured the City of Lapeer millage of 9.8000, the County operating millage of 3.7245 and the Lapeer EMS millage of 0.9888 for this fiscal year.

  • The governmental activities of the Downtown Development Authority had an expense of $321,124 including depreciation expense of $24,071 for the past fiscal year. Due to utilizing full accrual on the government-wide statements, the expenditures for capital assets including infrastructure are not recorded as expenses in the current year but are capitalized on the Statement of Net Position and are depreciated over the useful life of the asset. Only the current year depreciation would be included as an expense. Additionally, the Downtown Development Authority had transfers to the General Fund in the amount of $39,964 for payment of the city administration fee, transfers to the Major Street Fund of $2,919, a transfer to the Park Fund in the amount of $7,500 to fund Downtown Maintenance, and a transfer to the Parking Fund of $6,811 for the Clay Street and Downtown Lot DIG Project, and a contribution to the Parking Fund in the amount of $6,838 to provide an operational subsidy to the Parking Fund.

  • The $321,124 for governmental activities; including the transfers of $64,032 to the General Fund, Major Street Fund, Park Fund, and the Parking Fund of the City of Lapeer, was partially funded from $105,671 in property taxes. The balance of this cost was funded from other revenues.

  • The Downtown Development Authority received a total of $105,671 in captured property taxes. The Downtown Development Authority District expended funds on various projects this year which included $50,000 to downtown merchants for grants. It also expended funds for transfers to the Park Fund in the amount of $7,500 to provide funding for Downtown Maintenance, the Parking Fund in the amount of $6,838 to provide an operational subsidy to the Parking Fund, the Center For the Arts’ Programming Services Agreement in the amount of $81,500. Other expenses of the district included DDA Director services of $52,935, legal fees of $281, Main Street program of $6,484, property maintenance and utilities of $7,445, property insurance of $2,091, CBD beautification of $1,000, special events and promotions of $10,678 and other miscellaneous items in the amount of $1,039. Additionally, the district paid an administration fee to the City of Lapeer in the amount of $39,964 for accounting services and project management. The assigned fund balance decreased from $70,837 to $69,127, a decrease of $1,710 or 2.4%.

DDA Contracts

In Compliance with Public Act 57 – section 125.4910 sec. 910 a listing of current contracts and management services provided to the DDA are provided for public review at Lapeer City Hall and at the Lapeer Main Street DDA offices located at 410 W. Nepessing St. Ste. 106.

City of Lapeer – 
The DDA partners with the City of Lapeer for the general upkeep of the downtown area, capital improvement projects, parks within the DDA District and parking lot maintained.

City of Lapeer –
The DDA partners with the City of Lapeer for the general upkeep of the downtown area, capital improvement projects, parks within the DDA District and parking lot maintained.

Center for the Arts of Greater Lapeer –
Programing services and building management for Gallery 194 and The PIX Theatre

Michigan Economic Development Corporation –
The Michigan Main Street program through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

Robson & McCallum –
Payroll services

Web Centre –
Website Design services

LeSanSha Carriages –
WinterFest activities – Horse Carriage Rides

Young’s Entertainment –
DJ Services for downtown events

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